Product Design

Product Design is our core competence. Our team of professional designers combines analytical with creative thinking. We approach the core of a product step by step in order to create a strong and unique product character. Its not about nice hulls, we create design statements.

Mobility Design

Our affinity to transportation has accompanied us since our foundation. With numerous projects and recurring customers from the automotive industry, our clients rely on the many years of experience of Schweizer Design Consulting. The high quality standards in the automobile and aircraft industries enable us to react to your project quickly, efficiently and with the right tools.

User Interface Design

Attention shifts from sculpture to the user interface as usage of products mainly takes place via software based interfaces. This technological change also creates a completely new product experience for the user. This also includes new opportunities for target group orientation: age, gender and special usage scenarios can be tailored individually.

CAD-modelling and Surfacing

We have integrated powerful CAD-software into our design process ever since. We offer modeling services also apart from the ideation work to support the internal processes of our clients. Either for rough conceptual models or ready-to-process class-A-surfaces. Our highly skilled Alias-Modelers are designers themselves with an understanding of geometry and design intentions. We provide you with the best quality surface data for your ongoing engineering or molding work – material-compatible and producible.

Design Sprint

No, this is no Scrum. This is hands-on ideation and sketching. With Design Sprints, we offer you the opportunity to create a first vision in compressed time and at low cost, before you release a new product or service for development. Ultimately, this will also help you get to the market faster, reduce your development risk, and save costs.

Brands and Graphics

For the appearance of a company, a unique and consistent language is indispensable. The design of the products, the style of media and the sound of each word are the keys to the image of a brand. With great respect to your past and the vision of your future, we develop a strategy for a consistent continuity of your brand’s appearance.

Strategy & Consulting

Developing design is a long process, demanding competences in many different fields. Schweizer Design Consulting possess core competences in all central design disciplines, combined with multiple opportunities in many neighbouring fields. With this background we can manage complex design, marketing and engineering-tasks. They will partly be executed by our own specialists and partly by our networking partners. For you it’s one-stop-shopping: Only one address, only one contract and transparent budgets.

Colour and Material

Colours and materials are another decisive factor for the independence of products. They also determine its character. In addition, a product can be assigned to a category very easily and strongly individualised.

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